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Duo - Pine Series - 002

Duo - Pine Series - 002

32 x 34 x 27 cm

  • Every CH Gallery sculpture is hand made by Bruce Cameron using traditional tools. Whatever type of wood is used the essential approach to each sculptural project is the same. Initially the rotten wood is carved and chiseled away to reveal the solid mass material. This can then be reduced systematically to the desired form. After blocking out the main masses and planes that define the outer limits of the sculpture, work continues over the whole. The larger forms and planes are carved first, followed by the smaller ones. Eventually surface details begin to emerge as ideas that are translated into space and form by the artist. Even with a preliminary idea as a framework, the sculptor’s concept constantly evolves and clarifies as the work progresses. Once the artist has achieved pleasing form in his material, black resin is applied to fill cracks, this creates strength and accentuates to advantage the flowing forms and developmental design of the piece. This is followed by many hours of hand sanding with papers graded from coarse to fine. Even a modest size sculpture can entail 200 hours of sanding. This refinement is followed by clear wax application and polishing. The result is a sculpture that feels like silk and begs to be touched. The ultimate sculptural design is an exploitation of the expressive quality of the material together with a cohesion of physical, emotional and fluid factors that result in a unique and beautiful work of art.

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