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Bruce Cameron


Bruce Cameron's synergy with nature finds expression in his dynamical approach to sculpting rustic wood. Every piece is unique and in each Bruce seeks to liberate the inherent beauty and the story that exists therein.  Get in touch with Cameron - Harris Gallery if you’d like to find out about currently available pieces.

Artist's Statement - Bruce Cameron


The predisposition to carve is not enough, there must be a positive living and moving towards an end result, that for Bruce only reveals itself in the moment and in the process. The understanding of form and colour in the abstract is an essential of carving, endless shapes and possibilities reveal themselves to him, his decision making in the process reflects the story within each piece and reflects the natural laws that have governed its being.

In the contemplation of nature, we are perpetually renewed, our sense of mystery and imagination is kept alive. Rightly channelled it gives one purpose whereby abstract shapes in the living medium of wood reveal some universal or abstract vision that unfolds within the sculptor’s hand. 


Oria, Spain gave Bruce quite another impression, for it opened to him the wonderful realm of light - light which transforms and reveals, which intensifies the subtleties of form and contour and colour - and which imparts a richness and liberating beauty into the organic form.


In wood sculpture there must be a complete understanding and realisation for the structure and quality of that which is carved. There needs to be a reverence and respect for the sometimes centuries old testaments. Every piece is unique and, in each Bruce seeks to liberate the inherent beauty and the story that exists therein. The flowing forms that emerge from the many hours of cutting away, sculpting and preparation are unique stories. He says  he has no preconceived ideas for what is to become, his process is an entirely organic and individual one.


I think that the very nature of art is affirmative. The harmonious union of sculptor and wood is like a beautiful conversation. The result is an organic symbiosis of nature and nurture that reflect the laws and evolution of humanity and the universe.  


All Bruce’s earliest recollections are of forms, shapes, textures and movement. As a child, he was enamoured with the natural beauty of both England and France, where he recalls all his senses being recruited – seeing, touching, hearing, smelling and “being”, especially “being” a part of everything. He felt “at ease” and “at one” with nature. From the many conversations I have had with Bruce his obsessional preoccupation with his craft puts me in mind of a quote by  the great sculptor Michel Angelo “If in my youth I had realised that the sustaining splendour of beauty with which I was in love would one day flood back into my heart, there to ignite a flame that would torture me without end, how gladly would I have put out the light in my eyes”.  Like Michel Angelo, Bruce considers himself merely a vessel by which to focus attention on what is important. Beauty in whatever guise, with its unfolding and flowing forms is divine perfection and it is to be found in the most unexpected places.  

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